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Our Driver Delivery is $2.25 / Mile from our Manufacturing Dock to your Driveway; or You Can Pick Up Truck Rack, Deck or Trailer at our Office in Alamosa, CO.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall will my UTV be on my truck rack?

With your standard height truck and standard UTV we are seeing the majority between 12′ and 12’8″ which is a foot shorter than your average tractor trailer.

Can a UTV deck fit with a toolbox or fuel tank?

Absolutely! We will either have a production deck that will work, or we can almost always customize one to accommodate your needs, for little to no extra cost.

With the low trailer deck height does the trailer drag the ground?

The placement of our axle helps minimize this. We also offer an option for a height adjustable axle.

Will a truck rack make my truck top heavy?

In some cases, yes. Installed on a 3/4 or 1 ton truck you will feel the weight while transitioning to different road angles such as entering a steep gas station parking lot. This is very similar to using a truck bed camper.

Do the ramps lay in the bed and slide around?

We have built in ramp storage mounts which store the ramps on their side, allowing you to maximize usable bed space.

Will my ramps slide off while loading?

All of our ramps pin on to the deck which eliminates risk of this.

Is there a place to hook my winch in order to pull my UTV on to the rack?

A D-ring winch connection point comes standard on all of our products.

How do I load my UTV truck rack into my truck?