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Truck Rack Suspension Performance Upgrade for most SRW and DRW Trucks, Installed Cost


Truck Rack Suspension Performance Upgrade is for any flatbed or box bed truck with single rear wheels or dual rear wheels. This suspension upgrade will significantly improve truck wheelbase width, shock absorber response, steering, load stability when driving, load handling when loading and unloading heavy bed loads, and also when pulling your RV behind your truck. No Shipping or Handling if you have this upgrade completed by our company located on US Highway 160 West between Alamosa and Monte Vista in Southern Colorado.
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This Truck Rack suspension performance upgrade is primarily for all SRW (single rear wheel) trucks with a flatbed or box bed. But many DRW dually trucks can also be improved with this Suspension Performance Upgrade to handle heavy bed loads while pulling a rear trailer or RV. Many times we haul heavy loads in our bed, or have a heavy trailer, and your suspension does not handle the load very well. You feel the truck swaying or the wheels not responding well to rough roads when have a heavy load on your bed or pulling a heavy load. That is the purpose of the Truck Rack Suspension Performance Upgrade. Increase your truck wheelbase width with very sturdy wheels so that your truck has much better load stability. Make the rear suspension instantly adjustable with wireless control to adjust deck height with respect to light loads, heavy loads or heavy rear ball weight when pulling your RV. Get wider tires with 10 or 12 ply rating and really good shock absorbers to handle any off-road trail or highway pothole under load. Install a front steering stabilizer to get better wheel tracking under heavy loads when the trails have ruts, or when highway and local roads have deep tire patterns in the driving lane, causing the vehicle tires to pull this way and that way. A steering stabilizer helps to prevent this, especially under loads. No Shipping or Handling if you have this upgrade completed by our company in South Central Colorado on US Highway 160 West between Alamosa and Monte Vista.

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