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Suspension #2 Upgrade: Shock Absorber Improvement to Bilstein 5160-B8 Shocks, Front and Rear, (Installed Cost)


Front and Rear upgrade to your factory shocks to Bilstein 5160 B8 shock absorbers.

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The stock shock absorbers of most trucks are designed for best highway performance. This shock absorber upgrade is the installed cost of 2 front and 2 rear, 5160 B8 Bilstein Shocks to handle a loaded truck driving at typical highway speeds with a side by side on the truck rack and pulling an RV trailer behind. These shocks will give you best front and rear shock response to highway and city street pot holes, road cracks. And you also need that level of suspension protection when driving off-road and back trails over rough terrain and rocks. This shock absorber upgrade will do the job very well at a reasonable price, and provide much better shock response than factory shocks.


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