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Suspension #3 Upgrade: Air Lift Wireless Airbag Control for your Rear Axles Only, (Installed Cost)


Suspension Upgrade #3: Rear Suspension Airbag and Wireless Control, Installed

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The perfect solution to save your rear shocks and springs when you have a heavy bed load and or pulling a rear RV Trailer on your ball hitch, Gooseneck or 5th wheel hitch, Wireless Airbags! When you have a heavy load on your truck bed, such as a side by side loaded onto your truck rack, the weight compresses downward on your shocks and springs. You have seen guys driving down the road with a load in their bed, forcing the weight in the truck bed to compress the shocks and springs, putting all the weight directly on the axle with no compression left when you hit a pot hole or road crack. Your shocks and springs get destroyed this way. Driving down the road with your shocks and springs compressed, significantly reduces the capability of these components to protect your truck from shock damage when hitting a pot hole or road crack. The same is true when you pull a heavy RV Trailer on your rear ball hitch with the weight compressing your shocks and springs with the same result. If you have a side by side loaded on your truck rack and pull a RV Trailer, a Wireless Airbag lifts your bed back to a level position, allowing your shocks and springs to protect your suspension when hitting a pothole, road crack or driving over rough terrain. The wireless control lets you lift the weight on your suspension while you stand on the side of the truck during hookup, or driving down the road. The wireless controlled Airbag is very effective at protecting your suspension with a heavy load on your rear axle and very convenient to use.


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