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Suspension #4 Upgrade: Warlock Offset Wheels + 10 ply tires (1 set of 4 each, Installed)


Increase your truck wheelbase width using the proper wheels and tires to improve your truck’s load handling and driving stability when loaded with your side by side and / or pulling your RV Trailer behind your truck.

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You have driven down the road and seen dually rear wheels (DRW), which provide a wider wheelbase (footprint on the highway) with dual wheels on the left and right rears to support heavy loads on the rear suspension. If you want to improve your load handling stability while driving down the road, a wider wheelbase helps to achieve this goal. How can you do it? Well, you could buy a dually truck, or improve the wheelbase width on your present truck! This can be achieved by buying the right wheels with a negative offset, which moves the tire position outward, while placing the weight load correctly on the wheels and tires. Using a spacer to move your existing wheels outward is not a good idea, since you are only extending the wheel further away from the brakes, putting added vertical torque, downward on the wheel lugs, rather than the wheels where the weight load should be. Using the proper wheels to move the tires outward is the wiser choice. Certain Warlock Wheels have this negative offset, and you want to get the right offset with a wider, 10 ply tire to accomplish a wider wheelbase on your single rear wheels (SRW). The 10 ply tires or even 12 ply tires provide the load ratings for heavy bed loads and pulling an RV Trailer behind you. But they also provide a wider tire, which adds to your wheelbase. So, if you get the right wheels and proper tires, you can properly increase your wheelbase width, so that your truck, with single rear wheels, support heavy loads with much more handling stability, than driving with the narrow stock wheels and narrow tires from the factory. The wider footprint reduces side to side wobble of your truck with heavy loads, gives you better mileage per gallon than a truck with dually wheels. When you have 10 ply or 12 ply tires, you are also more resistant to rock damage in the outback.


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