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Our Driver Delivery is $2.25 / Mile from our Manufacturing Dock to your Driveway; or You Can Pick Up Truck Rack, Deck or Trailer at our Office in Alamosa, CO.

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Welcome to Truck Rack, your central USA destination for high-quality truck racks, truck decks, snowmobile decks, trailers, accessories, aluminum ramps, ratchets, and much more. We want to provide you with the best products and services that make your UTV, Side by side, or trail 4×4 transportation easy and convenient.

If you have a pull-behind RV trailer, and you want to take your side-by-side or UTV to the sand dunes, country, or mountains; you typically need two trips to take your RV and side by side out to your camping location. Hook up your trailer and load your side by side, taking it to your destination, unhooking your trailer then drive back, disconnect your trailer and hook up to your RV. Total of 4 trips both ways. We have a much better idea taking only two trips? A lot of time is saved too! Load your side-by-side or UTV onto your Truck Rack that is tied down to the bed of your pick-up, which allows you to hook your pull-behind RV Trailer to your ball hitch. Now you can pull both your side by side and RV Trailer in one trip to your camping destination.

Tips on Loading Your UTV


This video demonstrates the tips and suggestion to load your UTV or side by side onto a truck rack installed in the bed of your truck. Safely load your Side by Side or UTV on your truck.

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Even you guys with a Dually truck and Goose neck or 5th Wheel, you can get an “Over the Top” Truck Rack, load your side by side above the cab, and pull your 5th Wheel or Goose neck RV Trailer; one trip out, one trip back.

Hauling on a trailer means you pay annual registration and taxes on the trailer, but the Truck Rack does not require annual taxes or registration! When you add up trailer cost + expenses over several years and compare them to the cost of a portable Truck Rack, the Truck Rack wins every time. It’s more portable, lower cost, and allows you to get to places in the outback that you can not get to with a trailer behind you!


These are some of the advantages that you will get by choosing Truck Rack products.

  • Truck Racks do not require annual Registration fee as with trailers
  • Truck Racks do not require annual taxes as with trailers
  • Less expensive than most trailers
  • Steel Truck Rack or optional lightweight, Aluminum Truck Rack
  • Drive your truck & UTV to your location
  • You can’t get a UTV trailer deep into the bush
  • Pull your RV behind your truck, one trip with your UTV and Trailer for RV camping
  • Four 2000 lb retractable Rachet Straps are available, a total 8000 lb UTV hold down force.
  • Bi-Fold 10-foot aluminum (2200 LB rating) ramps optional
  • Bi-Fold 12-foot aluminum (3200 LB rating) ramps optional
  • Ship anywhere in the USA to your door, or drive to our CO Office
  • Optional Flatbed Truck Racks w/ bolt to frame (Made to Order)
  • Optional Over the Top and Rear Truck Rack for F450 and 4500 Dualies (Made to Order)
  • Optional Rear Wireless Airlift Suspension with +3″ wider wheel position
  • Optional 11.5″, 12-ply tire package, (in-shop install only) lets your SRW rear wheels respond like a DRW dooly

The Racks are tied down to your 6.5’ or 8’ truck bed using adjustable turnbuckles that latches your rack to your truck bed at each bottom corner of your truck bed. Your side-by-side or UTV is strapped down to the truck rack at 4 points, 2 front and 2 back, all four connecting to the tie down locations on the UTV frame. When latched down, the ATV or Side by Side is held tightly in position, low center of gravity with your back wheels and an engine sitting over the back wheels, and minimal movement when tied down in this manner. Each ratchet strap can pull down with up to 2000 lbs of force, so you can have up to 8000 lbs of pull-down force, holding your side-by-side, UTV, or ATV tight in position.

And we have Suspension Upgrades to allow your SRW truck act like a dually on two rear wheels! 

Most of our Truck Racks provide portability, letting you slide the truck rack in when you need to, and take it out when you want to load other items in the back of your truck. We also have bolt-down Truck Rack for 6.5’ flatbeds, and 8’ and 10’ flatbeds, which can be removed by unscrewing 4 bolts, as needed.

If you want a wider wheel stance and wider tires for improved driving stability, wireless controlled airbag suspension, and front steering stabilizer, call us. We can get you scheduled for the best highway and off-road ride performance.

Our sturdy steel or lightweight aluminum truck racks come with optional bi-fold ramps, available in both 10-foot (2200 LB rating) and 12-foot (3200 LB rating) lengths, to ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading of your UTV. Our four 2000 lb retractable ratchet straps provide a total of 8000 lb UTV hold-down force, ensuring your vehicle stays secure during transport, One of the biggest advantages of using our truck racks is that you don’t have to worry about annual registration fees or taxes, unlike with trailers. Our racks are also less expensive than most trailers, making them a cost-effective solution for your transportation needs. Additionally, our racks allow you to drive your truck and UTV to any location, even in the most remote areas. You won’t have to worry about getting a UTV trailer deep into the bush, which can save you time, effort, and money.

We also offer optional flatbed truck racks that bolt to the frame and are made to order to fit your specific needs. Our over-the-top and rear truck racks are also made to order, specifically for F450 and 4500 Doolies, giving you the flexibility to customize your transportation setup. We even have an optional rear wireless airlift suspension with a +3″ wider wheel position, and an optional 11.5″, 12-ply tire package (in-shop install only) that lets your SRW rear wheels respond like a DRW dooly, making your transport smoother and more comfortable.

Whether you’re pulling your RV behind your truck for a camping trip or transporting your UTV to a remote location, Truck Rack is your go-to source for all your truck racks, truck decks, trailers and rack accessory needs. We ship anywhere in the USA, and if you’re in the area, you can visit our CO office to pick up your order, At Truck Rack, we provide excellent customer service and high-quality products that meet your specific needs. Choose Truck Rack for your truck deck and trailers and experience the ease and convenience of our reliable and durable products.

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