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8′ expandable sled deck

$6,100.00 + accessories + shipping + handling

77″ to 101″ wide, 8′ long with turnbuckles, superclamps, 6 rows of superglides and 10′ folding ramp, fits 6′ to 8′ bed

Select Add-ons

ATV Center Section

Choose this option to fill in the center section of the rack, so that you can also drive an ATV with narrow wheelbase up on the rack. The center section of the deck that would typically open will be filled for use with narrow machine.

LED Marker lights

Choose this option to put electrical marker lights on front and side of truck rack for night time area lighting during load/unload.

Runner Position Change

Runner Position Change Outward, 6" or 12": If your side by side has a extra wide wheelbase, choose the 6" runner position change or the 12" runner position change. This option does not increase the runner width.

Runner Width Change

Runner Width Increase, 6" or 12": If you want a wider runner width so that it is easier to walk up and down the runners during load and unload, choose the 6" or 12" width increase, depending on how much walking room you want.


Select your preferences

·  Full Suspension Upgrade: This option is for customers who want a much better load handling and suspension handling truck. This complete suspension upgrade includes improved steering response for light loads and heavy loads with side by side and RV Trailer behind. It includes a 2" front lift to level the truck stance and a front wheel alignment to ensure your "tow in and camber" are correct. It includes 4 Bilstein shock absorbers installed, 2 front, 2 rear for better response under heavy loads to handle back road and trail dips in the road, and better response on city and town roads, which are typically loaded with cracks and potholes.

Maxi Trak Wireless Winch

  Maxi Trak Wireless Winch with 4500 Lb Rating and Power Cables: If you want to use a wireless winch to pull your side by side by side, UTV or ATV up o9n the truck rack, and to help get your 4x4 back down the ramp, this is the option to get. It is installed at the front center of the truck rack, with 12 volt power cables come back and down onto the front vertical bar in your truck bed. You will need to have the final 12 volt cables connected by your truck dealer to install the dealer 12 volt cables from your 12 volt fuse box, to the 12 volt cables on the truck rack. This winch is more than capable of pulling larger side by sides with wide wheelbase onto the truck rack.



I, the buyer, am responsible for all the following:
• Securing the truck rack or deck properly via turnbuckles/bolts/camper tie downs to the truck bed.
• Pinning, securing, and mounting the ramps to the truck rack or deck properly for loading and unloading; as well as proper use of the ramps, and knowing the load rating of the ramps.
• Properly securing the Side by Side, UTV or ATV to the truck rack or deck. I am responsible to know the proper payload of the truck and to know proper use, loading and unloading practices of the truck rack and deck.

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Additional information

Construction material

Aluminum Upgrade-240 pounds, Standard Steel-410 pounds

Powder coat

(Standard) Single stage textured satin black powder coat, 3 stage textured satin black powder coat, Raw finish – Aluminum only

Ramp length

10' Aluminum Construction 2200 lb Capacity, 12' Aluminum Construction 3200 lb Capacity, 14' Aluminum Construction 3200 lb Capacity

Retractable ratchet straps (optional)

(4) 2" X 6' Retractable Ratchet Straps. 2000 lb rating each, None

Pickup/shipping ($2.50 per mile from dock) Call 303-999-6837 for Accurate Shipping Price.

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