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WINCH with 4500 LB RATING and POWER CABLES, Accessory, Installed On Truck Rack (Rack Purchased Separately)


Wireless Winch Control is included with the 4500 LB Winch option. This winch would be installed on the truck rack you are ordering. The Power Cables are routed along the top runner deck and down the vertical bar for easy access. If you want assistance to load and unload your side by side, this winch is more than capable of assisting the load and unload of your side by side on your truck rack.

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Maxi Trak Wireless Winch with 4500 Lb. Pull Rating with power cables and Power control switch installed: This winch will easily pull your side by side by side, UTV or ATV up on the truck rack. A wireless control is also provided. The Maxi Trak is a very good winch, rated at 4500 pounds pull. It is installed at the front center of the truck rack with 12 volt power cables routed back down the length of the rack and down the vertical bar of the rack, just behind the rear windshield. The power control switches are located on the driver side of the truck rack on this vertical bar and is easily accessible to winch your side by side. You will need to go to your truck repair shop and have them install 12 volt battery cables from the winch connector up to the engine bay/fuse box of your truck. This winch is more than capable of pulling larger side by sides with wide wheelbase up onto the truck rack.


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