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TR612A77, All Steel Trailer, 77″ W x 12′ L, See Through Diamond Pattern, Lightweight, Steel Frame & Side Rails, 14″ Wheels, Patented “NO LIFT” Ramp, 4 CargoBuckle Retractable Tie Downs


77″ wide x 12′ long, 3500 pound torsion axle, CargoBuckle retractable rachet strap with tie down clips, adjustable 2″ coupler, adjustable tongue jack, 14″ radial tires, 800 pounds trailer weight, 2700 pound load rating, Patented “NO LIFT” Ramp. The retractable CargoBuckle tie down rachet straps and ramp with NO LIFT capability permits you to quickly load your side by side, and firmly hold the UTV in place during travel. And it is quite simple to unload the side by side so you can go have fun in the outback!

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12 Ft trailer with 2700 Lb load rating. All steel trailer is light weight by using a see through, diamond pattern steel deck, welded to 12' steel frame with many tie down locations on the left, right and front side rails. This trailer is a lightweight, very strong steel design. The Steel deck design and torsion axle provides low aerodynamic resistance when hauling your equipment. The trailer is easy to load and unload, light weight with a see through steel design to help reduce your fuel consumption when hauling  to haul your ATV. The Patented " NO LIFT " Ramp permits quick load and unload and the many tie downs allow for very strong tie down after loading. It is very easy to hookup and load your equipment. Four 2000 LB rachet straps are bolted to trailer in front and back on the left and right to quickly tie down your UTV. The rachet straps are very easy to use, have a total of 8000 LBs holding force and provide quick release upon unload. The spring load of the straps cause the strap to retract back into the compact strap module, which is bolted onto the frame at 4 points. Superb holding force and auto recoil makes these rachet straps superb for hauling your UTV, Side by Side and ATV on our trailers. 14" radial tires, optional spare tire, hand adjustable tongue jack with lock pin, adjustable coupler with lock pin. The load and unload Ramp is a patented, No Lift Ramp, which is very effective to quickly load and unload your UTV, side by side and ATV. 77" usable width

12'  usable length

Expanded metal decking with see through steel diamond pattern steel for strength and lighter weight

14” radial Wheels

3500 lb torsion axle

LED lighting

6" height adjustable coupler

2" coupler

Ramptek patented "NO LIFT" ramp

700 lb unloaded trailer weight

4" railing

4-pin wiring enclosed from the elements

21 tie down points 

Ram tongue jack

Powder coated

2800 lb cargo load capacity

15" deck height

16'8" total length

102" total width

Four 2"x 6' ratchet straps included

Additional information

Standard Wheel

Aluminum wheel, Standard Wheel

Spare Tire

No, Spare tire

Motorcycle Wheel Chock

Motorcycle wheel chock, None


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