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Our Driver Delivery is $2.25 / Mile from our Manufacturing Dock to your Driveway; or You Can Pick Up Truck Rack, Deck or Trailer at our Office in Alamosa, CO.

Truck Deck, Flat, 10 feet for 8 foot truck bed and single seater or 2 seater side by side, 60″ to 75″ Wide, 82″ wheelbase length


This Truck Deck is a 10-foot deck supporting a 1-seater or 2 seat, side by side, UTV, installed on an 8 foot truck bed to load UTVs such as a Polaris RZR, General or Ranger, Can-Am or Commander, Kawasaki, etc., with vehicle wheelbase width of 60″ to 75″ and up to 82″ wheelbase length. 12 foot decks and 14 foot decks available, call for details. Standard Steel construction with 3″ x 1.5″ rectangular steel tubing for high strength, or Optional Aluminum construction with 3″ x 2″ aluminum Tubing for lighter weight and high tensile strength.

Select Add-ons

ATV Center Section

Choose this option to fill in the center section of the rack, so that you can also drive an ATV with narrow wheelbase up on the rack. The center section of the deck that would typically open will be filled for use with narrow machine.

LED Marker lights

Choose this option to put electrical marker lights on front and side of truck rack for night time area lighting during load/unload.

Runner Position Change

Runner Position Change Outward, 6" or 12": If your side by side has a extra wide wheelbase, choose the 6" runner position change or the 12" runner position change. This option does not increase the runner width.

Runner Width Change

Runner Width Increase, 6" or 12": If you want a wider runner width so that it is easier to walk up and down the runners during load and unload, choose the 6" or 12" width increase, depending on how much walking room you want.


Select your preferences

·  Full Suspension Upgrade: This option is for customers who want a much better load handling and suspension handling truck. This complete suspension upgrade includes improved steering response for light loads and heavy loads with side by side and RV Trailer behind. It includes a 2" front lift to level the truck stance and a front wheel alignment to ensure your "tow in and camber" are correct. It includes 4 Bilstein shock absorbers installed, 2 front, 2 rear for better response under heavy loads to handle back road and trail dips in the road, and better response on city and town roads, which are typically loaded with cracks and potholes.

Maxi Trak Wireless Winch

  Maxi Trak Wireless Winch with 4500 Lb Rating and Power Cables: If you want to use a wireless winch to pull your side by side by side, UTV or ATV up o9n the truck rack, and to help get your 4x4 back down the ramp, this is the option to get. It is installed at the front center of the truck rack, with 12 volt power cables come back and down onto the front vertical bar in your truck bed. You will need to have the final 12 volt cables connected by your truck dealer to install the dealer 12 volt cables from your 12 volt fuse box, to the 12 volt cables on the truck rack. This winch is more than capable of pulling larger side by sides with wide wheelbase onto the truck rack.



I, the buyer, am responsible for all the following:
• Securing the truck rack or deck properly via turnbuckles/bolts/camper tie downs to the truck bed.
• Pinning, securing, and mounting the ramps to the truck rack or deck properly for loading and unloading; as well as proper use of the ramps, and knowing the load rating of the ramps.
• Properly securing the Side by Side, UTV or ATV to the truck rack or deck. I am responsible to know the proper payload of the truck and to know proper use, loading and unloading practices of the truck rack and deck.

Product price: $3,100.00
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  • STANDARD STEEL DESIGN with 3" x 1.5" Steel rectangular bars: Base Price: $3100 + Options selected + S/H
    • UTV Wheelbase Width 60" to 75"              UTV Wheelbase Length 10 foot Flat Deck supports up to 82" length wheelbase, optional 12' or 14' flat deck, call for details)
    • Steel Construction, 260 LBS, 10' Rack Only     Aluminum Option uses 3" x 2" Alum. rectangular bars, light weight, high tensile strength, weight about 165 LBS
    • 8" front railing only, no side rails
    • No winch mount
    • Single Stage, Powder Coat over raw steel, no sand blast or primer coat, (not included on Aluminum)
    • 10 Foot x 18” Aluminum Ramps, Bi-fold, 1100 LBS rating each, 2200 LBS total load rating
    • 4 Connecting Pins to connect Ramps to Rack
    • 4 hand adjustable Turnbuckles and 4 hand adjustable Latches
    • OPTIONS Detail Description to help you choose the right upgrades to your Truck and Truck Rack.
      • Construction Material: Standard steel construction with 3" x 1.5" rectangular Tube has high tensile strength. The steel unit is reasonably portable and no additional cost; but heavier than using optional Aluminum construction with 3" x 2" rectangular tubing. Aluminum is heavier gauge material than steel, lighter, more portable and also has high tensile strength. Typically, 200-350 LBS lighter than steel, depending on length of rack ordered for standard box bed or long box bed.
      • Powder Coat: You can go with the standard single stage powder coat, but if you want long term rust resistance, choose this 3-stage powder coat which provides a sandblast of the raw steel frame to get rid of surface rust, adds a primer coat over the bare metal, then adds a final powder coat to the primer to produce a long-lasting steel surface.
      • Ramp Length: The standard length bi-fold ramp is 10' Length x 18" Width (2200 LB load rating) and has the steepest approach angle. 12' L x 18" W bi-fold ramps (3200 LB rating) decrease the approach angle by about 20% making it easier to drive up onto a 6.5' truck rack or an 8' truck rack. The 14' L x 18" W bi-fold ramps (3000 LB rating) provide about 30% improved approach angle making it even easier to load/unload your side by side.
      • Pick Rack Up in Alamosa, CO or Ship Rack to You:  If you choose Shipping and Handling, we will calculate the best route for freight lines, and charge $2.50/mile for delivery to your address.
      • ATV Center Section: The center area of the rack is normally open with the runners on left and right for your wheel travel up the rack. If you choose this option, it will fill in the center area so that a narrow 50" ATV can be driven up onto the rack.
      • Marker Lights: Choose this option to put 3 electrical LED marker lights on back center rail of Truck Rack to assist in night-time load & unload. In addition, there is 1 light at each outside corner of the rack. The lights are connected to a four-pin electrical 12 Volt connector that can be plugged into your truck connector.
      • Retractable Ratchet Straps: These optional ratchet straps are the best design about the truck rack. You can order your truck rack without these ratchet straps and use your normal tie down straps to hold your side by side in position on the rack. But these ratchet straps can be ordered with the truck rack, bolted in position to quickly tie down your side by side to the best holding point under the side by side. The straps ratchet out easily, lock firmly in place with up to 2000 LBS each, so as to hold the UTV down firmly in place while driving and braking your truck with a load. The 4 straps give you up to 8000 LB pull down force and are very handy, quite effective and cheap.
      • Suspension Upgrade Options below are installed on your truck and require a full day and appointment schedule in advance.
      • Full Suspension Upgrade: This option is for customers who want a much better load handling with much improved suspension to handle heavy loads, such as your side by side loaded on your rack while pulling a heavy RV on your rear ball hitch. This full suspension upgrade gives you much better load handling and suspension response under heavy loads, along with wireless, on the fly, airbag control on your rear axles; when driving on highways, city/town driving, dirt road and trails. This complete suspension upgrade includes the 5 suspension upgrades discussed below. Each of the Suspension Upgrades can be ordered individually or as a full package.
      • Suspension #1 Upgrade, 2" Front Lift & Wheel Alignment: The truck you received from the factory has a 2" drop on the front wheels for aerodynamic improvements, but it looks like crap, and decreases the shock absorber response to tire rebound when hitting highway pot holes and road cracks. The 2" front lift levels the profile of your truck, gives you better front shock absorber response; and the Wheel Alignment ensures the Castor and Camber of your front wheels are true aligned and gives you the best tire tracking when driving.
      • Suspension #2 Upgrade, Shock Absorbers: Factory shocks are not normally useful, when you are loaded with weight and pulling an RV. Bilstein Shocks installed front and rear to significantly improve tire recoil response when hitting road cracks, potholes on highways, and rocks and tree limps when on dirt roads and country trails with your truck, loaded with your side by side or pulling your RV on your ball hitch.
      • Suspension #3 Upgrade: Wireless Controlled Airbags on Rear Axle: If you have ever seen Billy Bob driving down the road in his pickup truck, loaded with gravel and his rear bumper is almost touching the highway, you will understand why airbag suspension is important. When your side by side is loaded, and if you also hook up your RV to your rear ball hitch; you see how much your bed drops down, compressing the shocks and springs so they can not work. The wireless controlled airbags lifts the bed back up, or down for light loads, as needed to level your bed under heavy load or light load, so that your shocks and springs can function as they are supposed to.
      • Suspension #4 Upgrade, Wheelbase Increase: The normal wheelbase width of your truck tires seems narrow when standing behind your truck. And if you have heavy loads in the bed, the narrow tire width is noticeable when driving around curves or when driving on angled roads in the outback. So, instead of buying a Dually truck, we found that replacing the factory wheels (positive offset) with stronger wheels that have a negative offset; and replacing the factory, 4 ply x 8" tires with high quality 10 ply or 12 ply x 11.5" wide tires; then you effectively increase your truck wheelbase width by as much as 6", making the side by side on your truck rack handle much better when driving around curves and especially in the outback on uneven roads.
      • Suspension #5 Upgrade, Steering Stabilizer: This is for Ford and Dodge only, because Chevy & GMC use a different steering control. The steering stabilizer is a dual shock stabilizer installed to help reduce wheel drift under heavy load on uneven surface highways and back roads. When driving, you can see down the road where the road surface is slanting off to either side of center or the surface has tire lanes due to heavy traffic on poor roads. The Steering Stabilizer helps to reduce the front wheel drift in these situations, which is beneficial when loaded with a side by side or pulling a heavy RV on your rear ball hitch.

Additional information

Construction material

Aluminum Upgrade-240 pounds, Standard Steel-410 pounds

Powder coat

(Standard) Single stage textured satin black powder coat, 3 stage textured satin black powder coat, Raw finish – Aluminum only

Ramp length

10' Aluminum Construction 2200 lb Capacity, 12' Aluminum Construction 3200 lb Capacity, 14' Aluminum Construction 3200 lb Capacity

Retractable ratchet straps (optional)

(4) 2" X 6' Retractable Ratchet Straps. 2000 lb rating each, None

Pickup/shipping ($2.50 per mile from dock) Call 303-999-6837 for Accurate Shipping Price.

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